For My Mother (2007)

Mother-Daughter-MagicWithin your eyes I found a way to let go and let life take its course.

Within your hands I found guidance to move forward without fear.

Within your words I found wisdom to take me far and belief to keep my dreams alive.

Within your heart I found courage and strength, as you have shown, to help me overcome any obstacle as if you were always by my side.

Your love stays strong within my soul.

My Mother, my friend.. You’ve made me whole.

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To My Love…

I look at thee and cannot imagine how we could ever be apart

For you, love, are what drives me to be unsurpassable.

How thou dost breathe soothes my soul.

Thou dost know me just as I am, and take me as I come.

How could one ever want more?

‘Tis astounding how those eyes of thine take me afar,

cause me to bury my troubles in the bottom of the sea that thou dost take me on.

Lonely I am without thee by my side.

Thou dost give me a sense of life everlasting.

Thou art my moon, my stars, my sky, my universe

I will never part from thy side.


Angel’s Prayer

As I lay in my bed

and pray before I sleep

the angels come down beside me

and tell me not to weep

They sing together

with voices of such grace

Their blue eyes twinkle

with a smile upon their face.

And when I close my eyes to dream

they take me by the hand

and carry me off into the distance

to another land.

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I think people let fear run them… FEAR.. is it an emotion? Such an intimidating word. It holds us prisoner in our own minds. Not enough control and it becomes a torture chamber. You’re tied up in this straight jacket, as you are tied up by your thoughts. The harder you try to get out, the more frustrating it gets, the crazier it makes you.


I Feel You There



Uniform footsteps approaching near…

unheard, yet heavy.

Soft caresses down my spine…

racing mind, blood flow rushing.

Silent whispers through my ear…

I feel you there.

Dress unzipped, falling from my skin…

revealing, freeing.

Kneeling fast, a submissive whim…

belt in hand, rope to bind.

Endorphins flowing from my mouth to yours…

I feel you there.

Aching inside, patience worn thin…

you always win, extensive teasing.

Drops of moisture from an inner secret…

collecting, building.

A slight penetration, the explosion emerges…

and again…

I feel you there.

For You


I’ll give you a star

one that shines bright

when you’re sad

it will give you light.

I’ll give you the moon

when it’s full and round

to show you paths

you haven’t found.

I’ll give you the sun

with glistening rays

to wipe the clouds and tears away

I’ll  give you my heart

for you to keep

to give you all the love you seek.